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Palm Oasis Foundation

Our Mission

The Challenge

Too many in Latin America and Other Countries are denied access to an excellent education, Teaching English (TESL), Working Single Families and the Indigenous Survival catalyzes leadership, families, culture and making an educational equity a reality for Universities and Professional Goals, Working Single Families and for the Indigenous Culture.

Our Approach

alm Oasis Foundation focuses on Ethnic English Speaking Teachers as volunteers and a diverse network of leaders who confront education by teaching English to students to become certified with an English Certificate to obtain University Degrees Overseas and Professional goals. Programs that assist Sewing Facilities for Single Mothers, and to Help with the Indigenous Rights of their Culture and Living.   As English educators, volunteers, missionaries, entrepreneurs, and community members, we promote the aspirations of students, families and culture.

Informed and inspired by their English students, Working Single Families and Indigenous many continue teaching and as volunteer assistants; others pursue other leadership roles in schools and school systems or launch careers in other fields that shape educational access and opportunity.

Teaching English as a Second Language, meets Single Family, Indigenous needs for children and students to expand life changing goals attending Universities, Professional Positions Worldwide and Families which Benefits the Economics of Third World and Ethnic English Countries. Palm Oasis Foundation changes lives and are changed in the process. Volunteers, Missionaries, Teachers and Families that are committed to their children, students and as young adults stays with them, and no matter what career path they choose, will continue to work and advocate for a world of expanded opportunity for all children.

Lifelong Impact

Palm Oasis Foundation (POF) Officers and Directors have worked onsite with Teaching English as a Second Language, Needs of the Indigenous and Single Mothers Programs. The programs of English, Working Single Families and Indigenous Cultural benefits with lifelong effects and into the next generations. The Programs promote growth and the results of economics. It is an ongoing program which assists English Ethnic programs for family needs, future of different cultures that live in English Ethnic countries.  The impact of Helping with Families through Palm Oasis Foundation (POF) create futures for those who expand their goals to fit in the Professional World Worldwide.  Bringing families, Students, Children and Young Adults with providing grounded Leadership and Hard Work from all Career Fields to Expand Opportunity for All.

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