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Teaching English in Ecuador

Based in the beautiful Ecuadorian Coastal Region of Atacames in the Esmeraldas Province, Palm Oasis is dedicated to improving access to education in Ecuador. We bring English language lessons to communities to help children and young adults apply to University and work in the Tourist Industry, Military and Government.

Adequate education, particularly language and communication skills, empowers young Ecuadoreans to apply for skilled labour. This benefits the individual and their family through improved financial security, independence and a better standard of living. Repercussions for the community and society are widespread including reduced poverty, improved economic growth and better gender equality.

We currently teach 120 students between the ages of 6-24 years old with extra evening classes for adults. Recently we have worked throughout Ecuador in the towns/communities of Riobamba, Macas, Ambato and Punin to deliver free English and Science lessons. Our work has been supported but local Paroquias and Municipios.

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