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Volcanoes of Ecuador

Life on the High Planes
Chimborazo: The Closest Point on Earth to the Sun
Crevasses on Cayambe
Freezing my Nugs at the Summit of Chimborazo
Monja Grande East Face (Unclimbed)
Tungurahua Erupting: March 2016
Chimborazo National Park
The Gateway to El Altar
The Glacier Crackles
8 Year Old Shepard
Quilotoa National Park
Summit Pyramid: Illiniza Sur
Mountain Food
Illiniza Norte East Face
First Rays at the Summit of Cotopaxi
Watching Over his People: Mayor of Punin
The Path to Everywhere
Lenin Trujillo Cruising up Illiniza Sur
Sangay in Eruption
Soviet Mountaineering ft. Lenin Trujillo
Vicuńa Grazing
Twin Peaks: Carihuairazo
Descending to the Laguna Amarilla
Sangay National Park
Chimborazo Base Camp

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